Smarter communication solutions tailored for your business

We aspire to satisfy and exceed the expectations of our clients, giving them the best possible customer experience. Our focus will always be our customers, to collaborate with them and allow a partnership to grow and flourish.

We provide the following services: -
Who are we?

Interact was born in 2007. We are a UK-based company that helps to provide modern-day communication solutions to our business customers.  We provide a portfolio of best-of-breed solutions and tailor-make those services to ensure that you receive cutting-edge solutions in a world driven by audio, visual and data collaboration services.


Interact’s main office is in the City of London at King William Street, and is strategically positioned to offer customers full demonstration facilities of our voice, video and audio-visual solutions. Our administration and operations team work from our sister location in Shenfield, Essex, a short commute from the City and within easy reach of customers based outside the M25.


Using our elevated partner status, we provide worldwide solutions to help consolidate support for our customers across international locations. We have customers all around Europe, Australasia, Asia-Pacific and North America.

Our People

Our people are the lifeblood of our company. We fully realise that the success of our customers and our company depends on the quality and commitment of our workforce. That’s why we make ongoing investments in developing the expertise of our staff, and building on their great customer relationships.

UC Solutions
Modern business is geared towards flexible working. The ability to work from anywhere, anytime or any place.

Interact has partnered with today’s leading technology players to provide and maintain flexible work solutions wherever you are. Our modern systems can:


  • Provide incoming and outgoing telephone calls from any device
  • Instant message to avoid overflowing emails
  • Record presence, to see if your work colleagues are online, from anywhere
  • Video call each other and work together collaboratively

Collaboration Services
Should you require a more powerful, larger-scale solution for your communications needs, Interact can provide virtual meeting rooms from between 10 to 10,000 attendees.


Audio Visual Services
Today’s growing demand for good video conferencing solutions has turned many open-plan areas into ‘video’ rooms or ‘huddle spaces’. Using the latest technology, our team can configure, supply and install these services to ensure that your business can correspond effectively with staff,  customers and suppliers working remotely.


Internet Connectivity
All our services require good bandwidth connections in order to work at their optimum capacity. Our internet provision team can install cutting-edge solutions from our leading domestic and international partners.