5G – All You Need to KnowAbout What is it and How it Works

5g communications over world image

It is thought that, by the end of 2024, 5G will cover over 1.5 billion subscriptions and reach over 40% global population. 5G is set to restructure and enhance mobile networking while creating fresh economic opportunities.

5G – What is it?

5G is the fifth-generation mobile network – 4G’s successor. Simply put, it is designed to connect everything and everyone together, including devices, objects and machines. 5G technology is designed for reliability and higher multi Gbps peak data speeds and ultra-low latency.

The key differences between 4G and 5G are less latency, higher speeds, increased efficiency, minimal interference and capacity for more connected devices. 4G latency averages at 20-30 milliseconds, whereas 5G is below ten milliseconds which is a significant improvement. This will speed things up significantly, particularly for businesses that will notice a vast difference.

The vision is that 5G will connect machines and humans for business and economic opportunities on a scale like never before. Truly haptic applications allow remote users to touch and feel through a device, even when many miles away. One use for this could be remote surgery. Smart cities are anticipated as well as autonomous vehicles. All of which is made possible by 5G.

5G How Does it Work?

5G transforms data units over the air via a digital system, transferring data at high speed with low congestion and latency, using new technologies and a radio interface. This allows a greater number of devices to be used in that area. 4G typically allows 4,000 devices a square kilometre, but with 5G, the number is close to one million devices. This leads to more voice over IP calls uninterrupted video and data streaming in that air space.

To use 5G, users require a smartphone that supports 5G. The faster network on 5G enhances the user experience in many ways for regular and business customers.

Key Benefits of 5G

The speed of 5G is impressive. Large files and videos that would usually take minutes to transfer will take seconds using 5G. You can say goodbye to video buffering and things loading slowly when you are on the go. This is huge for corporate users because it can enhance many aspects of business technology.

The only real downside to 5G is that it is currently only available in city locations and many remote areas are unable to enjoy the benefits at this time.

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