As part of our complete AV solution, Interact are very excited to add FabricWall to our list of suppliers that allow us to overcome audio challenges in certain environments.

FabricWall is a smart, innovative solution that provides cosmetically pleasing acoustic wall panels with excellent sound absorption.

Folded paper image

How FabricWall Works

The Track is the concealed framework that holds the fabric tight and in place. Track is available in 12mm, 25mm and 50mm thicknesses with square, radius and bevelled profile options.

core image


The Core is the unseen sound-absorbing element in the system. We use rigid glass-fibre slabs or high performance acoustic foam. Sound-absorbing cores are all acoustically tested with our system.

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Fabric is the visual element in the system. FabricWall is compatible with almost any fabric. Patterns and custom fabrics can also be used and we can create custom shapes and meet the contours of unique walls.