All You Need to Know About Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony at Interact

Cloud Telephony Explained

Cloud Telephony refers to the delivery of telephone applications via the cloud. It does not need a telephone system as it is an internet-based telecommunications system. You can make and receive calls and messages through cloud telephony and utilise various other functions such as data recording, conference calling, custom greetings, and much more. Cloud telephony can be accessed through any internet connection on a mobile device or computer, making it highly convenient for those on the go.

Traditional Telephone Methods

Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) is the traditional method of telephony, and this can come with some drawbacks, such as:

  • Dated customer care
  • Issues take longer to fix than with cloud telephony, sometimes leading to loss of data or custom
  • Space required for hosting
  • Limits and restrictions on social and group aspects
  • Can be costly
  • Fewer features than cloud telephony

The Benefits of Cloud Telephony for your Business

Flexibility – Cloud telephony allows an excellent level of flexibility and convenience. You can tailor your system to your business needs and access the service on the go, as long as you have a device and WI-FI.

Fast and user-friendly – Your system will be easy to use and easy to learn. You can arrange conference calls for many people worldwide, keeping people connected at the tap of a button. Anyone can use the service anywhere using a simple link.

Cost-effective – The cost of cloud telephony is relatively lower than that of a traditional phone system. What’s more, some data and business tracking tools can help you find ways of improving business costs. You may also save costs on training programs and room-hire, as training can be carried out through cloud telephony.

Many features – There are many features you can use with cloud telephony, with the option of adding more as and when necessary. Examples of features include task managers, conference meetings, real-time data recording, bespoke greetings, timed meetings, reminders, and training access.

Updated and fresh – Your system will always be fresh and up to date with the latest technology, and any glitches will be dealt with swiftly, often with no manual technician, which improves business productivity and continuity.

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