Audio Visual – Conferences and Events

Audio Visual for business

What is conference audio visual?

Audio visual (AV) for events and conferences refers to the professional delivery of display and communication shared by a wide range of people, potentially all over the world. AV involves three key elements, lighting, visuals and sound, and is used for anything from theatre and productions to meetings and pitches.

Audio Visual – The Sound

Sound covers sound effects, music, speakers, microphones and volume. A conference or event would be no use without sound. Sound is often taken for granted, but many events can not go ahead without it. Voices must be carried correctly, and music must be timed, speakers and microphones must be clear. Sound is an integral part of audio visuals for events and conferences.

Audio Visual – The Visuals

Performance and presentation rely on many visual aspects. Without the visual running smoothly, your event will suffer. Visual elements include PowerPoint presentations and slides, set designs, picture quality, display vibrancy, special effects and logos.

Audio Visual – The Lighting

Although lighting technically comes under the visual umbrella, it is a highly significant part of AV by itself. Lighting can make a considerable difference to the quality and tone of an event, performance or presentation. Larger rooms must have the correct lighting at the right times, and outdoor events must consider lighting options.

How to Use Audio Visuals Effectively For a Conference or Event


Planning is essential for an event or conference to run smoothly. You should consider the time and space you have to work with and the important message you wish to convey. You will also want to ensure you have all necessary equipment, including speakers, lights, displays. Send the relevant details to all who are to attend/join/view the event in plenty of time.

Audio is key

Never forget the importance of sound. Make sure that all audio elements are ready and suitable for the purpose. A sound test is advised for all events to ensure all attendees have a good experience. Different settings will require various sound aspects, so this should be considered at the planning stage.


Depending on the event or conference you are hosting, your set-up needs will differ. A small meeting will not require much of a set-up. A larger meeting or presentation may need an elaborate set-up. Consider what you will need in advance and ensure your goal is realistic with the time and space.

Less is More

As tempting as it may be to pull out all the stops and show off your audio visual skills, try not to overdo your event. Keep it in tone with the purpose, whether professional or fun and do not add unnecessary elements.

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