Audio Visual Installation – Projectors and Projector Screens

Conference room with projector

Projectors and projector screens are fantastic additions for homes and businesses. When professionally installed by a specialist, such as Interact Technology, a projector and screen can enhance business productivity and strengthen working relationships. They can also add an extra layer of entertainment and immersion for residential settings.

Many settings benefit from the installation of a projector and projector screen.

Examples include:

  • Offices
  • Meeting/conference rooms
  • Home cinemas
  • Academic settings such as schools, colleges, and universities
  • Hospitality venues, such as bars, restaurants, and hotels
  • Wedding venues
  • Places of worship
  • Sports centres and gyms
  • Retail centres

Projector installation is quick and easy. Each installation may have slightly different requirements. Pop up table sockets, custom face plates, wireless connectivity are just some examples. You may wish to have ceiling or wall speakers or a PA system. An AV specialist will advise what the best equipment is depending on your requirements and setting.

Things to consider when installing projectors and screens.

Screen format and size – 16:9 screens are a common choice for home cinema screens, but you can discuss various options with your provider/installer. When it comes to size, this will depend on the size of the room. Too big could make it uncomfortable to watch. Once you have determined the size, shape, and layout of the setting, you can look into which size screen would suit your needs.
Resolution, contrast, and brightness – Higher resolution means better picture quality. It is recommended that the minimum resolution for home cinema screens is 720p. Contrast and brightness is something that should be discussed when purchasing and installing your equipment. Your requirements will depend on the ambient light in the room.
Sound – The sound output of your device, such as Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Blue Ray, needs to be routed to an efficient sound system. You can opt for your speakers to be wall-mounted or fitted to the ceiling. The volume of the sound will depend on the size and location of your setting.
Connectivity – You will require a projector with a HDMI input if you wish to use sources such as Blu Ray, PlayStation, Xbox or Sky HD. Speak with an audio visual specialist, such as Interact Technology, for professional advice about the connectivity aspects of your projector and projector screen.
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