AV Room Design

Our smart, friendly and professional team offer a comprehensive room design package, which allows us to provide a report on how to make the best of your virtual meeting rooms.

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Meeting Rooms

Since Covid-19, we will all have to re-assess office spaces and the methods we use to communicate. It is now very important and relevant to turn these spaces into fully-functioning video conference and presentation suites.

Our team will hold your hand during this process and discuss all aspects of your requirements. Following this, we will research and get endorsements from our tech team to ensure that the solutions will meet and exceed your requirements.

Virtual Meeting Services

Dependent upon scale of requirements, full schematics and elevations will be provided.

As part of our service, we will:

  • Manage audio-visual projects from planning stages to completion
  • Install, configure, and deliver audio-visual projects as contracted
  • Provide recommendations to management regarding solutions to potential project risks and issues
  • Test and troubleshoot audio-visual systems to ensure they work prior to job completion
  • Establish project schedules and robust deadlines to ensure they are realistic and attainable
  • Provide ongoing support to ensure that these rooms are used effectively and fulfil requirements (subject to support contract)
  • Covering the whole of Essex and London