Lifesize Cloud Review

Lifesize Cloud Review

28th July 2016 | Peter Harris

Lifesize Cloud is a great way to bring your staff together via video. It’s great for meetings, briefings or just a regular catch up. You can connect from any device anytime whenever you feel like it allowing you to work smarter and improve productivity. Like similar products out there they allow you cut costs dramatically especially travel. Let’s say you have regional offices, it could be two or it could be more and you want all your heads of department together for your quarterly review. Traditionally people would have to travel to your HQ, either by train or car or even catch a flight. These costs mount up, not only in financial terms but in time too. People could end up losing a whole day in travel time but not anymore.

Now you can get everyone together over HD video drastically reducing your time and cost overheads. And they don’t have to be in the office they can be on the move too and collaborate over whichever device is best for them. It’s easy to use too and quick to download.

You can search your directory to make a call straight away using your desktop app and have over 50 people all together. Want to share your screen? That’s easy too and you can chat in a group or one to one. You can even use your calendar to schedule a call if you’re using Google Calendar Or MS Outlook.

There’s lots of reporting too. You can see minutes used, who’s on line and what devices they are using. There’s also a recording feature allowing to share calls too. And if you want to bring Lifesize into the boardroom or meeting room just link it with Lifesize Icon.

Lifesize Icon

There’s four products under the Lifesize Icon family all providing high quality Video Comminications.

Lifesize® Icon 400™

This is designed for the small meeting room and huddle spaces and lets your add remote workers or other parties.

What comes in the box?

Icon system with embeded PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera Digital Microphone Remote Control PSU and cable Support for one display

Lifesize® Icon 600™

Designed for the large conference or meeting room and allows connection for multiple cameras, screens and mics.

What comes in the box?

Icon 600 video system Camera 10x Digital mic Remote Control PSU and cable

Lifesize® Icon 800™

Designed for the large meeting room, classroom, lecture halls and remote parties and can connect multiple devices.

What’s in the box?

Icon 800 VC with rackmounts Camera 10X Link Adapter Remote control and cables

Lifesize® Icon Flex™

If you’ve got a small meeting room and you’re running the following:

Lifesize Cloud Skype / Skype for Business / Lync Cisco Jabber This will provide a high quality experience for the collaboration application.

What’s in the box?

Icon system with embeded PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera Remote control PSU with 2m cable 5m USB A to B cable 3M Ethernet cable

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