Interact partner with Kaptivo

Interact partner with Kaptivo

24th May 2017 | Peter Harris

We are proud to announce our second important partnership of 2017. Kaptivo are the market leaders in transforming your everyday whiteboard into an intelligent collaboration tool. We have been speaking with the guys at Light Blue Optics Inc for a little while now and we went to see them showcase their Kaptivo product at this year’s UC Expo at the Excel in London. We always knew this was a gem of a product but we were blown away when we saw it in action at the Expo and the decision to take it into our portfolio was made there then.

Why do we like it? Well, for starters the price point is spot on. At just £399 + vat it makes perfect sense. Why spend an absolute fortune on replacing all your whiteboards with expensive interactive ones when you can do it with the Kaptivo? It’s easy to set up, easy to use and easy to install.

Once it’s installed you can stream content to any web browser and download a PDF of your work after the meeting. Anyone can join in the meeting from any location and there is no software to install.

It’s a great looking product too, sleek and unobtrusive, you’ll be wanting to fit one to all your whiteboards and the price makes this possible whilst keeping your finance director happy. It will fit any dry-erase whiteboard up to 1.8m horizontal and 1.2m in height.

Kaptivo is routed via their cloud service and this is a free service and will remain free. Do you want to use it with your VC equipment? You certainly can, all you need to do is share your whiteboard using the Kaptivo app in your web browser and then, using your share button with your VC you can all see the interactive screen.

To say we are excited about this product is an understatement. As the guys at Kaptivo say “there are 50 million whiteboards in use in corporate meeting spaces, hotels, serviced offices and educational establishments across the world”. This makes it a very attractive proposition and a genuine product with a genuine solution. We were looking to take on a product that would provide a tangible benefit to our current customer base. We took it to a couple of our key clients and they loved it. Once they had trialled the Kaptivo for a week they went on to purchase multiple units to fit in their huddle rooms and meeting spaces.

A new marketing strategy has been developed around Kaptivo and we are expecting good things. Judging by the level of activity we are seeing generated by our SEO tools we know this is going to be a big player in the unified communications space.

But don’t just take our word for it, we have a unit set up in our Canon St demo suite in London and are planning some interactive demonstrations over the next few months so keep an eye on our events page and join us for a coffee.

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