Cloud video and telephony solutions for a successful interview process

Cloud video and telephony solutions for a successful interview process

19th April 2018 | Peter Harris

Cloud Video and telephony solutions for a successful interview process

Are you looking to improve and streamline the way you search for your potential new star? Do you want to make it easier and cost effective for your important client? A cloud video and telephony package could be what you need.

We have been thinking about a successful recruitment process and how it fits in to today’s time-limited work day. Time is money and you need to manage that efficiently and cost effectively.

The interview can be a drawn out and time consuming process. You need to bring your interviewee into the office at a time that suits you both. There are some hurdles that you need to negotiate such as getting your potential new recruit to take time off work. They may need to book a day off, or even take a sickie! Neither is ideal, especially if they aren’t the right candidate or the job isn’t for them. Your schedule is important too, they may be late for whatever reason or they may decide it’s not worth the hassle to travel to your office.

The interview process

Typically there is a multi-stage interview process.

Stage one is the telephone call with the new hotshot.

Stage two is to get them in front of you so you can assess them, their body language, their suitability for the role.

Stage three will involve them visiting your important client for the nerve wracking interview.

The telephony & cloud video solution

Here at Interact we have a telephony and video package designed with the recruitment process in mind. Whether you run a busy HR department or you’re a high flying head hunter we have the solution.

Interact Touch is the telephony solution that will automatically record your first stage interview. You can replay the recording at a time to suit you and assess how it went, freeing up your day to get more telephone interviews completed. You can share this with your colleagues or your clients allowing them to make an informed assessment.

When you and your client are happy, a cloud video interview for stage two is perfect. Our HD video packages bring perfect sound and imagery to play back in your time and share with your client. You can gauge body language, how do they look? do they make eye contact? You will have a better informed and happier client who knows what they are going to get at interview stage. Your client may want to get involved at the 2nd stage. That’s easy! With our cloud video packages you can have multiple attendees from any location in the world from any work space giving you a tangible cost and time saving.

Your tailored telephony and video solution will change the way you work and increase your productivity. You can plan your working day better, conduct more interviews, select the right candidates for the right job and keep your important client happy and retain and increase their business. A satisfied client with the right candidates will bring enormous benefits to you and will be happy to recommend you.

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