The Simplest Ways to Make the Best of Web Hosting

5th June 2013 | Mark

Many people fuss over getting the best host and micromanaging everything to the point where hosting is a big, convoluted mess. While things might sometimes get a little tough if you are making a custom program and using your Web host to test that program, you should never have to face this if you are just making a regular website. Here are a few ways to make things easier.

web serverPick the Best Host

There's no reason to compare hundreds or even dozens of hosts to find the right one. To be honest, there are many hosts that are offering the best services. You just need to know what to look for. Ensure that the host tells you how much bandwidth you are getting, has great uptime (at least 99.9%), has fast loading speeds and has any other features that you need. It's just that easy. Comparing hosts is fine, but don't waste too much time doing it.

Use cPanel

While there are some website control panels that are good, you shouldn't stray far from cPanel. Not only is this the easiest control panel, but there's a ton of videos and guides to show you how to use it. If you're a newbie or if you just want something easy, then stick with cPanel. The other control panels are either convoluted or meant for advanced users.

Auto-Install a Script

Some new website owners are all gung ho about doing everything themselves. They want to build their own website from scratch with HTML and CSS, create a blogging system with PHP and use JavaScript all over the place just to spruce things up. There's really nothing wrong with that, but it's going to take a lot of time. It's going to take even more time if you don't know these languages yet. If you want the simplest experience, then auto-install a content management system (like WordPress or Joomla) with the host's script installer (i.e. Softaculous. You should also find plug-ins and other additions that will do other features for you. For example, if you want to use interactive forms, then just use Form7 instead of building them yourself.

Don't be Overwhelmed

If you aren't tech savvy, or if you're just having a hard time getting used to owning a website, then you might feel overwhelmed. This is a lot easier to say than do, but stop being overwhelmed. It wastes time and keeps you from doing anything. If you're having a hard time, then sit down and learn something about Web hosting. If you don't know how to use cPanel, then search up learning materials. If you don't know how to change something in WordPress, then search it up. The Internet is full of free resources for learning about Web hosting. Just take a trip over to Google and you should be able to fix 99% of your problems within a few minutes.


Running a website can be a large endeavor and many new owners make things harder than they have to. Just pick the right host, install a CMS, use the technology that's available to you and don't waste time by being overwhelmed. This should make things much simpler for you. Author Bio This piece comes from a writer at Reviewpon. Reviewpon has a different take on web hosting, and it's defiantly worth your time to check 'em out.
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