Improving Business Effectiveness with the Use of Video Conferencing

23rd February 2013 | Mark

video conferencingVideo conferencing is used in most companies these days as a way of communicating when face to face meetings are not possible. It is a more personal form of communicating than a telephone call and can be used to help improve the effectiveness of a business. There are many reasons why video conferencing can provide a number of benefits to an organisation. Regular Communication Whether video conferencing is used to connect employees based in different areas or as a way of holding meetings with clients, it is a good way to keep the lines of communication open at all times. It also allows meetings to take place when they might not have been possible and can be arranged quickly when the need arises without too much effort. Cost Effective It can be quite costly to arrange face to face meetings, particularly when both parties are far apart and as such, video conferencing can help to dissolve some of these costs. It saves the cost of flights and other associated travel costs and as such, is ideal if an organisation is trying to cut back on costs. Improve Productivity As video conferencing can cut down the amount of time required by employees to travel back and forth, it can make them more productive. If more time is spent in the office, rather than travelling, it means more work is likely to be getting done. React at all Times Video conferencing can be used 24 hours a day, which means it can allow organisations to be constantly on hand to deal with clients and employees, no matter what the time of day. It is especially a positive point for clients, as they like to be able to make contact whenever they have issues and sometimes a more personal approach like this is necessary. For more information see the Interact bluejeans video conferencing solutions and get a free trial.
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