BlueJeans review

BlueJeans review

12th May 2016 | Peter Harris

What is BlueJeans?

Bluejeans is a cloud based video conferencing solution that has changed the way businesses look at conferencing and meetings. You can now join or host a meeting from anywhere and any device removing the need to be in a dedicated meeting space.

It’s so easy to use too and you don’t need any new software or hardware. All you need is a BlueJeans account, a device that is video enabled and a link to the internet, and that’s it! Signing up for a BlueJeans account is quick and painless and takes just a couple of minutes. Once you have your browser up you start a meeting, either scheduled or last minute and you can invite anybody from any location. All you do is send the people or person you want to engage with, send them a link to the browser. Before they join the meeting they choose which device and video platform they want to connect with and that’s it. When the meeting is in progress you can send and receive video and control the meeting. You can also record, share any content, zoom in and out and whole lot more

Once again we decided to test this in house and none of my team had any difficulties setting up or joining meetings. We had people in different rooms and different locations all online at once and immediately we could see how this would change the way we conduct our get togethers from now on. It has true cost savings that are clearly measurable especially in terms of travel and time savings. We can now engage with anybody, either a team member or a customer from anywhere in the UK or globally. Also, because it’s cloud based there’s no longer a need for expensive video conferencing hardware. You can join a meeting from the airport, train station, coffee shop, literally anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

For our customers it’s great too. We can be talking to them about another project and end up providing them with a BlueJeans solution too because it really is that impressive. They can see in real time how this will change their processes and make clear cost savings. My sales guys like it because it sells itself in many cases!

Interact, BlueJeans and The World Energy Council recently worked together on a major project to change the way they look at Video Conferencing and we’re proud of the results. Have a look at this video!

So, do we recommend Bluejeans?

I think that’s pretty easy to tell from my review. It’s a BIG yes from us and we’re proud to be a BlueJeans partner and promote this whenever possible. I know I’m being a little bit biased but I am genuinely impressed and so are my team and my clients. There are true cost savings we can clearly measure and it’s also easy to use plus the service and support from BlueJeans is second to none. See our BlueJeans page to learn more and book your free demonstration.

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