Interact launch ScreenBeam From Actiontec

Interact launch ScreenBeam From Actiontec

12th March 2019 | Peter Harris

ScreenBeam form Actiontec

Interact are pleased to announce their latest collaboration in the AV market space. We have teamed up with Actiontec to launch the ScreenBeam 960 Wireless Display Receiver.

This is a great product and fits neatly into our portfolio as well as the meeting space!

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Today’s work space is adaptable and the technology we’re using needs to change with it. Traditionally screen sharing devices were expensive and wired in to the room which meant significant investment. Actiontec have addressed this and developed the perfect solution for any space.

Not all meetings are planned and not every business has a dedicated meeting room. Huddle spaces are becoming more prevalent and due the nature of their size they can’t be filled with tech, screens and cameras. But we still need to share our screens to enable collaboration. Businesses need solutions that are small, simple to use and at the right price point. ScreenBeam 960 is the perfect screen sharing solution, it’s wireless, a great price, portable and very easy to set up and use.

Actiontec came to see us and we had a unit up and running in just a couple of minutes. We were able to share screens from a laptop, an iPhone and an iPad without any issues at all. We collaborated with a variety of documents, images and videos seamlessly from anywhere in the room.

ScreenBeam’s are not just for the huddle space though, they can be used in any meeting environment.

Developed For Ease Of Use

Actiontec is an engineering partner for Microsoft and their wireless display technologies. This makes them an industry leader with significant investment to ensure they are bringing the best products to market.


Windows 7 and 10 build 1709 and later

MacOS 10 and later

iOS 11 and later


1 x HDMI

1 X VGA input and output

1 x USB 2.0

1 * 3.5mm audio output

Free Demonstration

To get a feel for the ScreenBeam why not book a free demonstration. We can bring a unit to you and show how easy it is to use and show you how to get the best from it. We’ll show all your staff how to use it and we’ll even leave a demo unit with you for a short space of time to get a feel for it.

We think you’ll be impressed, and it will make a great addition to any office or work space.

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