Enhance Self-Service for your Online Customers

Women Typing on phone

Self-service should be designed to make the customer’s experience run as smoothly as possible, with an adaptable approach to continually improving and enhancing the service.


Self-service in contact centres has many benefits for the customer and the company. It allows customers to use the service out of hours rather than waiting on hold or missing office hours. Some areas require key focus, and here we look at four tips to ensure your self-service is as successful as possible.\


Incorporate All Elements

Customers like options, and being able to access these options when and how suits them best. Using a blend of voice-operated, SMS and web chat facilities is far more efficient than simply offering digital self-service. It shows you are going above and beyond to be there for your customers 24/7. These features can be upgraded as improvements become available so you can move with the times while meeting customer demands.



A customised experience goes a long way. Whether it be voice, SMS or web chat, it is integral to customise your service. Analysing your customer’s interaction will help you decide which channels suit your business best. Chatbots are fast-paced, and SMS replies are often longer. Many customers access these things on the go and want the communication to be quick and hassle-free. Listen to customer feedback and model your approach accordingly.


Never Stop Learning

As we mentioned above, assessing your customers’ needs and moving with the times is essential. Self-service is ever-evolving and will always be a work in progress. Reports and analyses on your self-service options are key to helping the system grow. Regular customer surveys can help you employ the right approach and determine areas that require attention and development. Tailoring your self-service on feedback lets your customers know that you value their opinion and input and are willing to improve.


Ensure the Experience Flows

Nothing is more frustrating than having to go through all details from the start again due to inefficient handovers. A seamless handover between agents is important, and having a live agent armed with all relevant information is what the customer wants and expects. Your system must provide necessary details, whether it be through analytics, KB insights or CRM data. Inconsistencies result in a slower service which will infuriate and deter the customer.


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