Take a look at some of commonly asked questions

1. What locations do you cover?
Whilst we have two main offices in London and Essex, we do have customers all around the World.


2. What size of businesses do you cater for?
Most of our customer would fit between the 1-1000 employees but we do have some high profile customers that exceed this.


3. What Equipment Is Needed for Video Conferencing?
Entry level Video can be achieved with a simple webcam or integrated web cam on a Laptop. Most of our installations provide equipment to suit their needs for a very good video and audio experience and may include HD Camera’s, Integrated PC’s, Screen, Room Controller, and integrations into existing AV deployments.


4. How long does an Audio Visual installation normally take?
Anywhere from 10 minutes to X Days


5. Why is Zoom so popular?
Zoom become VERY popular during the pandemic and cleverly acquired customers by offering FREE 40 minute sessions which suited most peoples need at the time.


6. How many people can join a zoom meeting?
It depends upon your package, but unlikely to be a problem for many.


7. What can Microsoft teams integrate with?
Both MS Teams and Zoom will now integrate with most systems that we provide


8. What is considered audio visual equipment?
An TV!


9. What is hosted telephony
The new cloud based solution allows customers to ditch their old on site telephone system’s


10. What is an 8×8 phone system?
This is one our solutions that provides UCaas ( unified communications as a service). It is an excellent solution and is very strong on multi-site, geographical deployments AND MS Teams integrations.