How Can AV Integration Benefit Your Business?

Man standing infront of audio visual screen with staff

Audio visual systems are a standard part of most businesses today. Leisure, retail, and offices all use audio video solutions to strengthen connections and commercial growth. From communications solutions to marketing, audio visual technologies enhance many aspects of business across all industries.

AV Integration – What is it?

AV integration refers to the integrating of audio visual technology into a business. Simply put, AV integration means combining various audio and visual equipment to enhance meetings and communications within a company.

The two essential purposes of AV integration are to get multiple technologies to work seamlessly together and enable easy access and control from one interface.

Which AV technologies should you integrate?

This will largely depend on your business industry, size, and space. There are some ‘must haves’ when looking to enhance the audio visual solutions within your business. These include:

Meeting room AV solutions – A fully integrated meeting room has many benefits. Zoom and StarLeaf are just some of the examples of brands that can be integrated. Meeting room booking system displays are also a fantastic addition.

Video Conferencing – This has fast become a regular day-to-day activity in the corporate world and seems almost as popular as making a phone call. Leading conferencing systems that can be integrated include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Digital signage and wall boards – Examples of digital signage include digital menu boards, front of house information, outdoor displays, advertisements, and retail digital displays.

Presentation systems – Large presentation screens are a great way to present information. Wireless presentation systems eradicate the issue of fiddly cables and adapters.

AV Integration – The Benefits


Employers and employees are adapting to remote working more than ever before. The current pandemic has thrust us even further forward with audio visual solutions usage, and many businesses are seeing the benefits. Being able to communicate visually as well as audibly will not only save time and resources but also strengthen working relationships. Ensuring your team are working together has never been easier. Visual conference calls are easier to run and more organised. The features of conferencing technology, such as Zoom, enables people to mute, screen share and invite/admit many members to the meeting quickly and easily.

Productive meetings

Built-in cameras, microphones and speakers enable you to tailor your meeting and fine-tune it for maximum results. If you are pitching ideas or advertising, many functions can enhance your meeting. Sharing virtual desktops helps ensure that all meeting attendees are on the same page, even if they are in another part of the world.


Wireless audio visual systems are fast and easy to set up. You can display and share information and connect with others with one touch of a button. You can say goodbye to messy wires and the trip hazards that come with them.

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