Touch (Powered by Call Switch)

Touch is the revolutionary business Unified-Communications (UC) solution offering you the leading open standards telephony platform. Touch is a very powerful and flexible UC tool which has inherited today’s telephony features that are normally reserved for premium on-premise telephony services.

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Adding its powerful telephony features with open source flexibility to integrate with today’s leading CRM solutions, Touch offers a very attractive solution.

Contact us today to see how making the switch to Touch can save you money and improve your productivity.



Other benefits

  • Award winning Mifid2 call recording solution (detailed below)
  • New calibration software for multi-party video and audio calling
  • Inclusive call packages available to suit every business
  • Available on Mobile app, handset, PC or Mac application
  • Integration with leading CRM PBX features
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Seamless CRM Integration

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Award-Winning Atmos

We engineer for innovation

We have built a secure and compliant cloud-based call recording and analytics solution designed to work with Touch.

All calls are stored in a 256-bit encrypted format, with the file preserved in its original state with rotating encryption methodology that is unique to each individual call making all recordings 100% compliant with regulations and legislation.

Whether there is one location with five extensions, or a nationwide infrastructure with multiple branches and millions of calls, our compliant call recording solution can do the job.

All calls are stored in our cloud servers and are not only backed up, but have a redundant option across multiple servers and geographical locations.

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