Is working from home better than the office, and is hybrid working the future?

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The shift from working in the office to working from home is something many people would have been a part of since the pandemic. We have all been told that, where possible, we should work from home. This has seen many businesses changing, with all industries trying to set up remote access. Not only is this not an easy task, but the speed of which it had to happen added pressure.

Not every role can be successfully carried out remotely, but it is surprising to see that adaptions have been made to ensure as many positions as possible are not remote.
So, what is best for businesses and employees? Working remotely or at the base? The answer to this will certainly vary depending on individual industries, job descriptions and personal circumstance.

Hybrid work model – flexible working

A flexible working environment is something that seems to suit businesses and employees the best. For this to work, companies must be equipped with the right tools and technology. Many people find that working from home can be stressful. You need to have human interaction and communication means, not to mention the workspace that does not have distractions. Not everybody has a room that they can purely dedicate to their work office in their home. So, a flexible approach to achieve a balance of remote and on-site working is increasingly popular. This is known as the hybrid work model.

Technology and communication

It is unrealistic to expect you can convert office workers into remote workers at the drop of a hat. A bridge needs to be formed to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Interact technology understand the complex needs of the business communications and technology involved in remote working.

Here we have an example of just some of the technology involved in ensuring you can safely and efficiently work remotely with minimal disruption to the business.

  • Migration to cloud services
  • Setting up remote working software tools
  • Secure identity and access management
  • Secure connectivity for remote access
  • Cloud-based solutions providing maximum security
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security monitoring
  • Premium communications software
  • Data controls
  • The installation of software management tools

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