Who are we?

Interact was born in 2007.

“Interact” is in our DNA, allowing us to grow into one of London’s leading communication providers. We help businesses “interact” using cutting-edge communication platforms that allow them to stay at the forefront of their industries, whilst saving money through adopting the latest technologies.

Core Values

We have always maintained our statement of “exceeding our customer’s expectations”.

Quite simply, service and support are key to our business. In order to achieve this, we closely monitor our customer’s experience and assess all of our partnerships and suppliers to ensure that we meet our high level of standards.

Meet a few of the Team


Steven Winstone-Adair
Owner/Managing Director


How was Interact born?

I left a London-based telecommunications and video conference company in 2007 to start up my own business: Interact. Like everyone who starts up on their own, I probably spent too long trying to find a name. I came across ‘Interact’ and immediately thought “yes!”. This is the name that perfectly describes my vision of providing communications products to businesses.


What do you like doing outside of work?

I have a young family which means time is very precious! When time allows, I play tennis and enjoy anything fitness related. In the winter, I visit France (when I can travel!) and enjoy French life, especially the mountains for skiing and snowboarding.


What do you like to watch on TV?

I am a bit of a Netflix fan and love a box set! I have nearly completed the excellent Sopranos which is on a par with my previous favourite, Ozarks. 


Favourite tipple? 

Apart from a cold Peroni, I am a big lover of red wine. My personal favourite is Valpolicella Ripasso from Italy. A stunning wine!  

Interact team 6

David Winstone-Adair

Director AV Sales and Design

Interact team 5

Melanie Marriner

Operations Manager

Interact team 4

Malcolm Kettle

Head of Professional Services

Elizabeth Mannering

Account Manager

Stacey Priest

Accounts Administrator

Why us?
Forward thinking

Our portfolio of products and skill-sets puts us in a unique position to be able to provide telephony, audio-visual and internet connections. These are the core communications that businesses rely on to interact with others.


Creative and forward thinking
We regularly attend industry events and listen to our customers pain points to identify new and emerging technologies that help our partners grow.


We choose our partners carefully and will test these technologies in-house to ensure that they meet and exceed our strict deployment plans.