Microsoft Teams Rooms – All You Need To Know

Business woman looking at conference call on computer

Video meetings have replaced face-to-face meetings during this current pandemic. This applies to both business and personal meetings. More companies than ever invest in the absolute best video conference services to ensure meetings run professionally and smoothly. Microsoft Teams Rooms is a prevalent choice for successful businesses of all sizes and industries.

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is hardware installed in a meeting room that gives users access to premium video conference functions. This will be run by a central device that is Microsoft Teams Rooms compatible. Some such devices include Logitech Tap, Crestron Flex, and Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500. The best device for your setting will depend on your meeting room area, your budget and your requirements.

Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms – What is the difference?

Microsoft Teams is included in an Office 365 subscription. Microsoft Teams Room is an area in which the software and hardware are put to use. You can join meetings and enter rooms at the tap of a button.

The Benefits Of Using Microsoft Teams Rooms

There is a wealth of benefits to using Microsoft Teams Rooms. Here, we look at a few:

  • Superior video communications.
  • Standard audio calls for many participants.
  • Content sharing.
  • Linking with interacting screens.
  • Dual screen presentations.
  • Easy to use functions – enabling any member of your team to join.
  • Cloud management.
  • Whiteboard feature – integrated with Microsoft Teams, this software is a collaborative tool.
  • Perfect for meetings of all sizes – Large corporations and small businesses can benefit from the many communication functions.
  • Touch-friendly controls.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Installation

The best way to ensure a swift and professional installation of Microsoft Teams Rooms is to use a specialist AV integrator. Be sure to use a company with experience and knowledge, such as Interact Technology.

Purchasing your Microsoft Teams Rooms kit will give you everything you need, other than your screen.

Can Microsoft Teams Rooms Be Used For Home Offices?

Microsoft Teams Rooms can be put to great use in a home office. As long as you have adequate meeting space, and a screen, you can enjoy the many benefits. Working from home is increasing, and many people have transformed areas of their homes into work areas. It is believed that even more employers and employees will move to remote working in the future, and Microsoft Teams Rooms can be an integral and valuable part of that transition.

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