Microsoft Teams – What’s New?

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Microsoft Teams is constantly improving as its popularity increases. The last few years have seen a significant rise in working from home, with Microsoft Teams becoming a staple feature of many people’s working days. So, what’s new for Microsoft Teams? Read on to find out.


You can now pin a particular message at the top of a chat, which is constantly visible to all chat members. Pin or unpin messages to ensure important information does not get lost as the volume of messages in the chat increases.

Customise how many messages you view at a time by altering the chat density. The default setting is comfy mode, but you can now amend this to suit your needs.

Search Results Page

Finding people, comments, answers, files and messages is now more accessible, thanks to a new Microsoft Teams search results page. It allows a result preview to add context and more precise filters.


Integrating your existing Google calendar into the Microsoft teams app is a great way to keep track of meetings. You can do this by clicking the ‘Add Google Calendar’ option. This can be changed back if needed.

You can also view all hours beyond scheduled events on iOS and Android, making it easier to check your availability.

Task Publishing

Task publishing allows business teams to make and publish tasks using To Do and Task by Planner. Tasks can be made and published for frontline areas, with teams able to edit the jobs. The benefit of this is that amendments can be made without recalling the complete task list and interrupting tasks in action.

Global Sign In/Out

The iOS Teams app supports global sign-in/out to make things easier for frontline workers. Any device from the shared devices can sign in with the correct credentials and sign out once finished. Signing out removes all business and personal information from the device.

Hide or Pin Your Video During Meetings

This feature allows users to view their own video on their screen in the increased size by pinning it on the meeting stage. You can also hide the video on others’ screens during the meeting. This feature can be accessed by clicking the ellipsis in the video feed and selecting either hide for me or pin for me.

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