POLY CALISTO 5300: The review


This week we wanted to take a look at one of the products, the new range of personal speakerphones from Poly.

With many of us working remote, flexible working tech is becoming a key part of our work tool-kit. There’s a range of speakerphones from Poly, but I was lucky enough to trial the Poly Calisto 5300.

POLY CALISTO 5300I was very pleased when my Poly Calisto 5300 was delivered. Up until now, I had been working with a corded Poly Blackwire headset. This was good, but with the Calisto, I now have so much more flexibility with it being hands-free.  With all-day use the headset felt more vice-like as the day went on, my ears were free once again, and my lockdown hair no longer gets messed up!

My 5300 came with it’s own padded fabric zip carry case, a USB-A Bluetooth dongle (for those laptops not gifted with Bluetooth) and has a 50cm USB-A cable that neatly wraps around the speaker for storage (and is also how I charge it). Battery life has not been an issue; it charges as I use it on USB and haven’t run out of battery on a Bluetooth call yet.
Setup and pairing from my mobiles were very simple. I can also use the USB connection on my Yealink T54W and get a far superior audio experience for both me and the caller.

It’s also indispensable for the WhatsApp/Teams/Zoom video calls via my mobile Bluetooth and indeed some mobile audio calls too. I have the added bonus of it being a lot easier to hear and respond to the family Saturday night quiz with its excellent audio pickup and brilliant speaker… but unfortunately hasn’t helped me win the quiz!

I’m now hoping to get a second Calisto 5300 so I don’t have to move the USB cable between laptop and Yealink phone… but then this is just laziness on my part.


All Poly USB headsets and personal speakerphones are compatible with the most popular voice platforms:

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poly5300 spec

Want to know more? Give me a call or register your interest and I’ll give you a callback. I’ll be happy to run through the costs and if it is a suitable upgrade for your business. As always, there is no pressure and I welcome your call.