Poor Quality Video? Try Our 5 Troubleshooting Tips!

Group of work colleagues in online meeting

There is no doubt that working from home will likely become a long-term trend lasting into 2021 and far beyond. A major contributor to the success has been video conferencingWe discussed last week how to choose the right video conferencing software for your needs.

But what happens if you have poor video quality during your call?

We’ve got 5 troubleshooting tips you can implement today:

Clean your camera and microphone

Take some time to gently wipe your microphone and camera with a microfibre cloth. This will help remove any smudges or debris that might be blocking your audio or obstructing your camera.

If possible, hardwire in

While perhaps a bit less convenient, a hardwired connection to a router is much faster and reliable than relying on a wireless connection. For video streaming, Ethernet has superior download and upload capabilities as compared to regular WiFi.

Move closer to your receiver/modem

Taking calls from your garden or the park may seem like a nice idea while working from home, but it is very likely to be the reason your screen is glitching!  Proximity is vital for smooth streaming and improved video quality, so move your device closer to your modem on your next conference call.

Close other apps/tabs

How many tabs and applications do you have running on your pc or phone right now? Make life easier for your CPU by closing everything that’s unnecessary to your meeting next time you have a video call and you may well avoid issues.

Check other devices

Are other people in your home using your same internet connection to stream Netflix, play their Xbox or running their own video calls at the same time as you? If so, it’s worth asking them to refrain while you are on your call and this should help any quality issues.

How do you find the quality of your video calls from your home? If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips, but still having issues, then please get in touch and we’d be happy to give you some further practical advice. Give us a call on 0345 8733110 or visit our website at interact-technology.com to find out more!