Pro Zoom Licence – The Benefits

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The last few years have seen a surge in video conference platforms such as Zoom and teams. With many businesses using video conferencing to continue operating, many homes using it to stay in touch and play games, and many health care providers relying on it for consultations, the rise of video conferencing is enormous. Zoom now has over 300 million users every day!

Zoom is popular for good reason. It is easy to access, easy to use, and reliable. It offers unlimited calls between two people and forty minutes for group calls and meetings. Zoom is now a part of day-to-day life for many of us at work and home.

With many of Zoom’s fantastic features being completely free, why pay for a Pro Zoom License? Read on to find out.

Manage Zoom Users

Pro Zoom allows you to manage users centrally. This includes complete control of security and all other administrative features. If you have a business with a larger team, this central management is extremely useful. Other admin benefits are fast access to reports, extra zoom connectors and rooms and webinars.

You do not need to put all members of staff on Pro Zoom. You can easily miss basic and Pro users, depending on your business requirements. You can also assign specific roles to users.

Goodbye Forty Minutes Limit

Pro Zoom users are not restricted to forty-minute meetings. Most meetings overrun and last at least an hour. Not worrying about disruption, restrictions, and interruption will help focus on the important business. Logging out and in again can take time and be fiddly, as can sending fresh meeting invites to all attendees after being kicked out mid-sentence. Pro Zoom eradicates this worry.

Record to the Cloud and Share on Socials

Basic zoom allows users to record and share videos, but Pro Zoom enables recording to the cloud. These can then be used for reference or as training videos, or even published on a website. This is a fantastic way to streamline storage and make sharing recordings easier.

Pro Zoom also lets you stream live videos through Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. You can link videos to a live feed easily.

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