Project Display or Video Walls?

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Multimedia projectors are commonplace in many homes and businesses now. LED walls and video panels are increasingly popular, and many event organisers opt for these as they are a better long-term investment. Here we look at the benefits of video walls compared with projectors.

LED Video Walls vs Projectors

LED video walls are large, flat screens that display visual content, and some of their benefits include:

Value – LED video panels are not cheap. However, the return on this investment is significant, meaning the economic value of LED video walls is high. Most displays would come with a five-year warranty to ensure you are not stung with repairs if a fault were to occur. Both projectors and LED walls will consume energy as this is unavoidable, but LED walls offer the best return for your money.

Brightness – With projectors, they require low lighting in the room; otherwise, the picture may seem blurry. This is not an issue for LED panels. LED video walls emit light from the display surface, casting a clear and vibrant image in indoor and outdoor settings. LED displays are more than three times brighter than projectors.

Picture Quality – Projector pictures can be blurry, faint or fuzzy, depending on the projector’s setting, quality, age, and the projecting image. LED video walls produce a brighter and more crisp picture that can be seen easily from a distance.

Longevity – LED displays can last ten years or more, considerably different from the expected three-to-five years of projectors. This is because projectors have one area that emits all light, meaning a faster decline of the electrical components.

Maintenance – Projectors require regular cleaning and maintenance. This includes the lens, internal components and bulbs. This is time-consuming, and if not done correctly, it could damage the machine. They can also be tricky to clean due to them being in an awkward position.LED video walls are designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean. Many LED panel retailers provide advice and maintenance services to ensure you have no costly or time-consuming issues.

In summary, it is clear from the points above that as technology advances, the benefits of LED video walls outweigh that of projectors. That is not to say that projectors are obsolete, as they have their place, but many businesses should consider investing in LED video wall panels.

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