Remote Working – How to Successfully Work From Anywhere

remote working

Remote working is considered the new normal for many, with increasing amounts of companies having staff either entirely or partly working from home. But remote working doesn’t always mean working from home; you can work from anywhere now, thanks to the wonders of technology. This makes for flexibility, increased productivity and opens the door to an entirely new work/life balance.

Here we look at tips to ensure you can successfully work from anywhere.

Working at Home

  • Set up an area dedicated to work. This could be an office, garden room or simply a corner with a desk.
  • Have a routine, including a work time, breaks and finish time.
  • Use lists and calendars to organise your working day and tasks.
  • Use good quality headphones when needed.

Working From a Coffee Shop / Library/ Resort

  • Ensure there is a reliable wi-fi connection.
  • Make sure your device is charged, and you have a charger with you. Check there is a place to charge it where you will be working.
  • Check for potential distractions. If the location is too noisy or distracting, productivity will inevitably reduce.
  • Bring headphones.
  • Don’t overstay your welcome and respect the business by buying food, drink, etc.

Working While Travelling

  • Check wi-fi connections and hotspots
  • Plan with battery charging and charges. Power banks may be helpful too.
  • Check your phone plan and invest in a SIM with a data plan for instant wi-fi access on the go.
  • Use a calendar with a world clock. List tasks and note time differences. Set reminders and arrange video conferencing that fits with timelines.
  • Invest in good-quality headphones.
  • Back-up files and make use of cloud storage. Save and share documents over the cloud to stop the need for bulky hard drives.
  • Plan and be flexible. A realistic approach to working on the go is essential—planning and managing your time effectively will allow for the right balance of work productivity and travel plans.
  • Be sure to have the necessary documents and insurance for your travel.

If you are looking to move to remote working but are worried that your computer equipment and technology skills are not up to date. Contact a technology specialist, such as Interact Technology. Applications such as Teams and Zoom are fantastic for remote workers, as are Google files and other file sharing systems.

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