Supporting Remote Working

zoom call on laptop

Remote working is becoming the new normal. Many businesses are adjusting to this type of work, and it shows no sign of changing. So, how can your business support remote working to ensure the best productivity, business continuity and motivation?


Frequently communicating with your remote workers is essential to maintain morale, engagement, and productivity. Be sure to keep all team members updated as things occur and check in first thing in the morning to say hello. It is essential to make sure you are all on the same page, and no one is left out of the loop.

Checking in with your remote employees enables them to feel like they are still an integral part of the team and will also help with their accountability. Deadlines should be clearly communicated and worked towards in the same way as they would on-site.

Try not to rely solely on email and messaging as a means of communication. At least one daily phone call will make a difference.

The right technology

Your remote workers must remain connected to your business technology and have access to everything they need to do their work. Microsoft teams and Zoom, for example, enable your staff to join meetings and input as much as they would if it were face-to-face.

If your employees require access to specific databases or systems, this should be enabled and tested as soon as the remote working is set up to ensure minimal disruption. It is also good practice to make sure your workers have access to a fast and reliable internet connection.

Acknowledge achievements

Acknowledging your remote workers’ achievements is crucial. Just because you cannot see them in the office doesn’t mean their contribution is less significant. Commending your team will boost morale and show you appreciate their work.

Goals and encouragement

Communicate team goals clearly and work towards them together. Check-in daily for progress reports and update shared calendars so you are working together. If someone struggles, offer encouragement and help where possible. Knowing you are in a similar boat will help worker engagement, and you can work towards common goals as a team.


Emotional support is just as important with remote working. Checking in on your staff regularly and asking after them can make a significant difference. They should feel confident that they can reach out to you with issues.

Many remote workers find this change difficult and sometimes lonely. Letting them know you are only a call away is a must. You could also set up virtual social functions, such as a video chat session on a Friday afternoon, a team quiz at the start of each month, daily catch-ups, team challenges, etc.

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