Take your business communications to new heights with Zoom

Man working on laptop with online meeting

Zoom opens the portal to many businesses wishing to communicate visually with people at the same time. Easy to use and with over 700,000 businesses using it, it really is one of the best communication tools around.


Bring people together

This type of communication software enables people to come together for online meetings, chat, training, presentations, technical support and much more. Zoom can bring any number of people together and can also be used for conferences on a larger scale with thousands of viewers and hundreds of participants.


What makes Zoom so popular?

  • High definition audio and video
  • Easy to invite others
  • Whiteboarding feature
  • Host controls and remote access
  • Simple to switch camera and gallery views to suit you
  • Screen and content sharing
  • One-touch usability and easy to navigate
  • Interface the same for all users, no matter what device or system
  • Easier to see who’s speaking with dynamic voice detection
  • Stable communication
  • Accommodating many users at one time
  • Cost-effective
  • Data reporting
  • Online monitoring
  • Global backups

With many businesses being affected by restrictions, this communication platform has shone through throughout the pandemic and paved the way for new ways in which we can speak, chat and liaise with work colleagues, customers and clients alike.


Here at Interact Technology, we can provide outstanding service, with experts on hand and a team of professional staff to ensure your Zoom set up is perfect. If you would like to discuss how Zoom could benefit your business, then please give us a call on 01277 283320 or email: info@interact-technology.com