Technology in the Workplace – How it Has Changed over the Years

Technology in the Workplace – How it Has Changed over the Years

Technology in the workplace is constantly advancing, and the last twenty years have seen considerable changes. Most of us will agree that our workplace twenty years ago looked very different from that of today.

Here we look at the key ways the workplace has changed over the past two decades.

Technology – You would be hard pushed to find a workplace is without modern technology. Administration tasks are now quicker and easier thanks to technology, and many of the things we used to have in the workplace are redundant or significantly smaller. Fax machines are rarely used, printers are small, quicker and multifunctional, and all computer hardware is smaller. Computer towers are a thing of the past, and phone systems are automated and linked to computers.

Another significant advance in technology in the workplace is meetings. Online conferencing systems, such as zoom and Microsoft teams, mean meetings can be arranged and carried out quickly, cost-effectively and conveniently. This is far more productive than arranging a large meet up in advance, hiring rooms, etc.

Filing systems – Manual filling racks, archive boxes and folders. It was standard practice to keep a paper trail of everything for many years. While this may still be the case in some situations, digital file storage has saved a lot of office space, paper and manual work. Cloud storage and shared drives are fast, reliable, and convenient for file storage and sharing.

Flexible working – Hot desking, working from home, and flexible hours. Gone are the days of the same person sitting in the same spot at the same time every day. Digital key cards and remote system access have advanced to ensure staff can work efficiently without being tied to the office.

Dress code – There are less rigid rules for dress codes in the workplace now. Facial hair, piercings and bright hair colours are more acceptable, and smart casual clothes have replaced suits in many sectors. This advance is not technology related, but more of a cultural shift with workplaces becoming more diverse, which can only be a good thing.

What’s next for workplace technology?

Remote working will inevitably increase, particularly in times such as now with the current pandemic. More procedures can be streamlined, automated and carried out remotely as technology advances. While this can be a scary prospect, with people worrying their jobs will become obsolete, it is better to consider it beneficial. Technology is a businesses’ best friend.

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