The Sweet Sound of Focus

Interact Technology - Poly Review

Managing Director of Interact, Steven Winstone-Adair this week received a delivery of the latest Poly headset: The Voyager Focus 2, and he wanted to share with you his initial experiences.

Living and working the tech sector whilst being the owner of Interact, does have its benefits… I get to demo the latest and greatest in tech, often before official release!

I’ve been using the Poly Voyager Focus 2 for 24hrs now and here’s my unbiased review of the headset:

Initial thoughts:

I have been using the wired Blackwire series headset. I chose the Blackwire wired as I was getting frustrated with coming to a dead battery just before an important MS Teams call – so I needed the reliability of wired. However, my head has been turned by the battery-operated, Bluetooth headset by Poly: The Voyager Focus 2.

First thoughts: Amazing!!!

Why Amazing?

A number of reasons… well lots actually:

  • Not getting tangled up at my desk with wires
  • Can pair with my mobile
  • Excellent battery life – plus only takes minutes to blow back some charge into the headset if I’m cut short
  • Comfortable
  • Great audio sound with heavy bass
  • I love the way that once taken off, the headset goes to sleep mode
  • Superb noise cancelling function
  • Touch to answer
  • Long range
  • Acoustic fence
  • Well built
    …and my favourite part:

In between MS Teams/Zooms calls I play music from my playlist and the sound is incredible! Plus no one in the office can hear my poor taste in music as it silences out the noise to others!

Any Negatives?

So far, none. If I had to find one negative, it is probably a little more expensive than others that are available… but, personally I think this headset is worth the extra cost. I even considered wearing on the train and to meetings but it doesn’t look very on trend

Rating: 4.5/5