Tips for Starting a New Job Remotely

Man Working At Home with Laptop

Remote working is fast becoming standard for many, and if you have recently got a new job, congratulations! While this is an exciting time, it can also be nerve-wracking. So, what are the challenges of starting a new job fully remote? Here we look at tips for starting a new job remotely, ensuring you are technologically, mentally and physically prepared.

Work Space

Creating a dedicated workspace is paramount for productivity. An area dedicated solely to your work will help keep you focused, disciplined and settled. Every remote worker will have different work settings, requirements and preferences. A desk and a comfortable, health and safety-approved office chair near a window are ideal. Personalise the area with pictures and art and help keep it organised with desk tidies and filing systems.


While your new company will likely ensure you have all technological requirements, it is good to familiarise yourself with the technology you will utilise in the role. Installing and testing applications such as Zoom, Teams and Google Drive can help prepare you. Contact a technology expert, such as Interact Technology, if you require help setting up your home office for remote working.


Communication is key, and with technology such as Teams and Zoom, you can stay connected to your colleagues and have regular chats and meetings. Adjusting to remote working can initially feel lonely, so be sure to use the technology applications available to stay in touch with your team.


Routines are important for any work environment, and working from home should have a routine. Perhaps you need a coffee on your desk before signing on, or you want to block out the first 20 minutes of the morning to respond to emails. Whatever your routine, ensure you have minimal distractions and try to keep to the schedule. It is important to take regular breaks, even if it’s just some time to get a snack, drink or walk around the garden.

In Summary

Remote working will often require an adjustment period, but if you have a company that has strong communication, there is no reason why you won’t feel just as much part of the team as you would in the office. Technological solutions make remote working a fantastic option for many, so arrange your workspace, put the kettle on and get to work!

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