Transforming the way students learn with the latest tech

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Big Creative Education (BCE) is a college specialising in the creative industries with almost 1000 learners studying game design, animation, music, media, art and design, fashion and performing arts.

Their new Gaming and Media Centre provides a network of 20 digital studios, production suites and training rooms.


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With a new facility on the way, BCE were looking for a modern approach to classroom design.

They were looking for a solution that would enhance teaching and learning, while at the same time, leveraging the new hybrid learning that has been adopted with some students unable to come to the college.



Interact recommended the new Clevertouch interactive touch screens. These screens can be used for multiple purposes:

Large display for sharing the teacher screen and displaying assignments
Built-in Google apps for notetaking, brainstorming and presentation
Interactive Whiteboard for drawing, design work and collaborative projects
Ability for students to share work on their screens to the large display
Video conference sessions for remote learners, teachers and guests


Transforming the way students learn with the latest tech



Nat, BCE IT Manager, said : –
Why Interact?
“Interact have been our supplier for many years and provide a host of telephony, internet and AV Services for our various college campuses. I have always enjoyed working with their project and support teams.”

“When dealing with some of the more challenging and time-critical problems we have faced the Interact team have been great at coming up with solutions and tackling them head-on to get them resolved.”

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