Types of Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an integral part of most businesses now. It is a fast, simple, effective and professional way of communicating remotely. Video conferencing features allow users to share documents and work together as if they were all in the same room.

Working from home and flexible working is fast becoming the norm for many companies. Therefore, video conferencing will continue to be an essential tool globally. Various great video conference platforms can integrate into your business structure, including 8×8 unified communication, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet, but what are their many uses? Here we look at the different types of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Types

The main video conferencing forms and their benefits:

Team exercises – Some business projects may involve various teams or team members. It isn’t always easy to ensure you are all on the same page through emails. Delegating tasks and working together to problem-solve is achievable from anywhere with video conferencing.

Team or whole company meetings – Many businesses have staff and bases across the country or even across the globe. An all-company meeting is excellent to ensure everyone is kept up to-to-date. This is a fantastic way of discussing goals, achievements, and issues.

Client or supplier meetings – Customer relations are vital for any business. Video conferencing with clients and potential customers and suppliers is an excellent way of maintaining that relationship. It is much more personal than email and letters and allows both parties to express views, aims, wishes and concerns.

Campaigns and pitches – For businesses that rely on pitches, video conferencing is extremely valuable. It allows you to sell your products and interact with your customer base quickly and effectively. Waiting to schedule meetings could lead to missing out on contracts. Video conferencing eradicates that worry.

Interviews – Remote interviewing allows both the employer and employee to have a one-to-one conversation as would take place in a face-to-face interview. It is more personal than a phone call and enables both parties to share relevant paperwork and establish if the employee is the correct fit for the role and vice versa.

TrainingVideo conference is a way of providing training and tuition. Attendees can ask questions and feel like part of a group.

One-to-ones and appraisals – Progress reviews, confidential matters, and probation reviews are easily carried out remotely.

Team building – Activities such as games, quizzes, commendations for all the team.

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