Unifying Communication with Interact’s 8×8 Solution

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Interact Technology’s offering of the 8×8 Unified Communication Solution represents a significant advancement in the field of cloud-based communication. This solution, as detailed on Interact Technology’s website, integrates various communication modes like voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions into a single, secure, and reliable cloud communications platform. This integration enables enhanced connectivity and productivity for users worldwide, irrespective of their location​​.

The 8×8 Experience Communications as a Service

The 8×8 XCaaS (Experience Communications as a Service), as reviewed by UC Today, is a game-changer in the communication landscape, particularly useful for companies undergoing digital transformation. This platform brings together cloud-native voice, contact center solutions, meetings, chat, and embeddable communications. Notable features include business phone services, multilevel auto attendant, call recording, visual voicemail, team chat, instant messaging, file sharing, video conferencing with HD audio and video, end-to-end encryption, and comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities​​.

Furthermore, 8×8 XCaaS is designed to streamline the link between internal and external communications, combining Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) into one integrated solution. Key features highlighted include AI-powered workflows for contact center capabilities, a cloud-based phone system, video conferencing tools for large meetings, team chat experiences, and CPaaS APIs for extensive integration possibilities. The platform promises high availability, seamless collaboration, accurate analytics, reduced IT efforts, and simpler integrations​​.

This comprehensive suite of features positions the 8×8 Unified Communication Solution offered by Interact Technology as a robust option for businesses seeking a unified approach to managing their communication needs. It’s designed to improve employee experiences, boost productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction, all while offering a streamlined, cost-effective solution for modern communication challenges.

For more information on 8×8 products, please contact Interact Technology on 0345 8733110.