Video Conferencing Installation in London & Essex

Interact Technology offer specialist video conference installation to businesses in the Essex and London areas. Our team of experts work closely with each customer to ensure they get the most appropriate equipment and technology installed either on-site or remotely.


If you have a business, either small or more substantial, and you are in Essex or London, our video conference installation service will help to enhance your company. We work with a variety of video conferencing platforms, and we understand that each company will have unique requirements.

Lifesize communication equipment for business

Video conferencing is now an integral part of the day to day for most businesses. Advancements in technology mean a range of applications and platforms are available to improve your meeting areas. These can be tailored to boardrooms, conference rooms, presentation suites, seminar halls, open-plan office spaces, and home and office desktops.


Interact Technology provide premium video conference services, with our video conference installation service in increasing demand as times change. We now proudly offer only the best software to ensure our Essex and London customers can immerse themselves in the remote meeting experience. Remote conferences will feel as though they are taking place in the same room with our technology.

Our passion for video conference technology puts us a step ahead.

We will assess each business to determine the ideal video conference installation process. Our bespoke solutions will help your business propel into the future. We value a close working relationship with our customers across London and Essex, giving each company the chance to build on their video conference technology knowledge along the way.


We will actively seek new and innovative options, so you can rest assured we are always moving with the times. With our video conference installation service, we will hone into the specific needs of every client as we are primarily a customer focussed business. We provide clear advice and explanations on all our technology and equipment to ensure all customers are informed and confident.

Meeting room with large screen for online meetings