Video Conferencing – Zoom vs Teams

People on Virtual Meeting Online

Video conferencing is an increasingly popular method of communication, with many businesses relying heavily on it throughout the pandemic. With most companies adapting to flexible working and working from home, video conferencing offers the perfect solution. So, Zoom or Microsoft Teams – which is better? Here we look at the pros of both.


Zoom is primarily a video communication platform, bringing good quality visual and audio connections for events and meetings.

Benefits of Zoom

  • Easy to use – Virtual meetings on the go have never been easier! You can quickly join an event or meeting by simply clicking a zoom invite on your tablet, mobile or desktop. This is a considerable benefit as it is convenient and saves time.
  • Integration – Zoom integrates with many applications, including Outlook, Google and Microsoft teams. This helps with scheduling meetings and events.
  • Capacity – Zoom meeting can have as many as 1,000 people join in and up to 50,000 for webinars for people worldwide. This means there are very few limits.
  • Compatibility – Hardware compatibility is a significant benefit of It will work with most devices and systems, whether an android phone or a windows laptop.

Zoom Conclusions

Zoom is very easy to use, perfect for small or larger events and works well on any device. It is a reliable video conferencing option that is hard to beat. Zoom is fantastic for large international meetings, team building, family catchups, training, quizzes, group exercising and personal chats with friends. Whatever you use Zoom for, it will be a reliable and straightforward option.

One thing to note is that Zoom does cost depending on the package and add-ons you go for. However, small meetings of up to 40 minutes are free.

Microsoft Teams

Teams offers video conferencing, online meetings, file sharing and many other features.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams

  • Included in Microsoft 365 – Teams comes in the office 365 subscription bundle. This makes it a cost-effective option, particularly if you already have office 365.
  • Integration – Microsoft now offers many of the same integrations as Zoom to make content sharing and uninterrupted conferencing easier.
  • Features – File sharing, backups, easy file storing, chat features. Many features make Teams a fantastic tool.
  • Administration tools – Helpful bots work as admin assistants to help with general day-to-day tasks in the background. You can create your own bot to suit your needs.


Microsoft Teams Conclusion

Microsoft Teams has improved considerably to bring it up to the functionality of Zoom. There are many benefits to Teams, making it a fantastic option for communications. Microsoft is constantly seeking ways to improve Teams, so it will only get better!

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